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Club Wyndham Asia

Club Wyndham Asia helps cultural explorers and experience collectors like you not only to share their love for travel, but to live a life unleashed, enjoying more freedom, financial flexibility and fun.

Financial flexibility and lifestyle freedom

Club Wyndham Asia offers levels of financial flexibility—and opportunities—that no other club does, empowering you to:

Club Wyndham Asia
Lets You Explore the World

You have access to over 4,100 resorts, spanning Hawaii, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and more!

Featured Resorts

From the popular beaches of Phuket to the forest shrines of Tateshina, being a Club Wyndham Asia member gives you access to some of the world’s most unforgettable – even unexpected – destinations.

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From tips on the best places to visit, to personal stories of fun memories, explore this here.



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