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Our members are what make Club Wyndham Asia special. If you’re interested in sharing your story with us (and perhaps sharing it with others) visit clubwyndhamasia.com/share-your-story/ and fill out the form there. You’ll earn $20 USD travel cash for your Travel Wallet when you share your story with us!

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For every story submitted, members will receive $20 USD, directly credited into their Travel Wallet account.

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You may submit as many stories as you like. The $20 USD reward will be awarded for a maximum of 4 entries each calendar year.

Your story submissions must either include your membership experience, your favourite resort or your experience with our staff. The resorts featured must be able to be booked using Club Wyndham Asia points or one of their benefits.

The Travel Wallet benefit is provided at the sole discretion of the Developer/Club Wyndham Asia and benefits can be added to/changed or revoked at any time without prior notice.

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