To ensure a viable and long-lasting holiday program for the benefit of Members, it is necessary that Annual Levies take into account the actual expenses of the Club including the upkeep, maintenance and repair of the Club Apartments. Each Member (including the Developer) is obliged to pay Annual Levies. The number of Member Points that you own determines the amount of the Annual Levies you pay. Members with higher amounts of Member Points will pay higher Annual Levies because of the greater amount of Apartment usage that they are entitled to.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have to pay Levies?

Members Levies cover the cost of maintenance and refurbishments – things like painting, new furniture, fixing broken appliances and total resort upgrades to ensure the club is kept in “as new” condition. They also cover the cost of the Clubs management and wages of services available to Members such as reservations and resort staff.


Q. Will my Levies ever increase?

Because of general inflation e.g. increase in cost of materials etc, Levies can increase annually however there is a limit on increases – max 7.5% per year.


Q. How are my Levies calculated?

Levies are calculated at 0.06c per Point owned. Eg 5000 Points owned = US$300


Q. What happens if I don’t pay my Levies?

You are unable to make any further bookings until your Levies have been paid.


Q. When are my Levies due each year?

New Levies will be sent out every year in January to pay for the upcoming year, when you first join the Club you will pay a prorated amount  based on the number of months remaining in that year.


Q. Do I pay Levies on my Bonus Points?

No, Levies are not calculated on Bonus Points


Q. How can I pay my Levies?

Instructions on how to pay are provided on your levy notice sent out in January each year. You can call your Member Services team who will also be happy to assist.


Levy Holiday

Levy Holiday allows Members to take a break from paying their levies in the current year. Members simply nominate by June 30 to have their current year’s annual allotment of Member Points returned to the Developer and the Developer will pay their Levy payment for the current year.

  • Members may access this benefit of Levy Holiday for no more than two consecutive years in any three -year period
  • There is a processing fee of US$30
  • Failure to nominate by June 30 will mean that the full amount of annual levies are payable
  • Any Member who has made a full or part payment of annual levies prior to June 30 and then nominates to participate in the Levy Holiday will receive a refund from the Developer for annual Levies paid


Call your Member Services team to discuss the Levy Holiday option.