Sometimes even the best-laid plans can be brought undone by a change in circumstances. That’s why CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA makes amending or cancelling your booking just as easy as making it. You can access, amend or cancel your holiday reservations by phoning Member Services (some cancellations may be subject to a fee). Emergency cancellations are considered on a case-by-case basis (please provide appropriate documentation). For more information, contact Member Services.

You may cancel your reservation without penalty (or loss of Points) in the following cases:

  • If you cancel later than the periods set out below; or
  • If another Member books the period you have cancelled (if you cancelled after the date on your confirmation letter)

Please call the Member Services Centre after the date of your intended stay, to check if your apartment was re-booked. To be fair to all Members, cancellations are subject to specific guidelines. Members who cancel later than the noted timelines below will forfeit the number of Points. In the case of a FlexiStay booking, Members will be responsible for the FlexiStay fee for that use. For bookings made at CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA resorts, Members may cancel:

For Reservations Made No penalty if cancellation is received:
61 days to 14 Months in advance 30 days  or more prior to check-in
15 days to 60 days in advance 10 days or more prior to check-in
48 hours to 14 days in advance 48 hours or more prior to check-in
0 hours to 48 hours No Cancellation allowed


Members may contact Member Services and modify their bookings. Please note that in some circumstances a 48-hour waiting period between a cancellation and a new reservation will apply.

Amendments received after the Cancellation Date may incur forfeiture of Points if completely different dates are being booked, fewer nights or smaller apartments are being re-booked.

Please refer to the Guidelines and Regulations.


By paying additional Member Points as a premium at the time of booking, you may be able to secure flexible cancellation benefits on a maximum of two bookings at any time without incurring any cancellation penalty if cancellations are made within the applicable window.

The number of Member Points payable for this benefit and the terms of the benefit differ depending on your Membership Tier at the time of booking.

The benefit of Cancellation Secure is available to Gold Sapphire Members, Platinum Ruby & Platinum Diamond Members of CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA.

Cancellation secure may be used when booking any CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Club, Associate or Affiliate resort.

Please refer to the below information table to see the additional amount of Points required at the time of booking to secure the Cancellation Secure cancellation window:

15. Cancellation Secure - Tier level - premium charge points

Members may then cancel reservations within the following periods when using Cancellation Secure:

 15. Cancellation Secure - cut-off outside red season

15. Cancellation Secure - cut-off inside red season

For more information on Cancellation Secure or to make your next CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA reservation using Cancellation Secure please contact your Member Services team.