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Club Wyndham South Pacific and Club Wyndham Resorts

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How Do I Make a Reservation?

To make a reservation online, log in to your Member account and follow the prompts. Alternatively, call one of your friendly Member Services consultants. All reservations must be made in accordance with the CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Guidelines and Regulations, please refer to these rules for further information.

To give yourself the best chance of booking the holiday of your dreams, follow these tips:


Book Early Depending on your Membership Tier, reservations can be made up to:

• 12-14 months in advance for CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Resorts
• 9-11 months in advance for CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Members who are eligible to access Club Wyndham (USA, Canada and Mexico) & Club Wyndham South Pacific (Australia, Fiji and New Zealand)

Best Fit System • All CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA apartments are assigned by the Best Fit Computer System, which ranks rooms in order of preference, assigning the highest priority room to reservations made the furthest out; this is a good reason to book early

Note: CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA is unable to accept requests for views or specific unit locations unless specified accordingly in the room type.

Red Season When booking during Red Season please be aware of the following:

• There is a 2-night minimum stay on any weekend during Red Season. Unless only one of those nights is available.

Weekends being Friday and Saturday nights

Booking Windows

Point reservation booking windows are dependent upon the Member’s tier level and are currently as stipulated… Read More >


Change of bookings

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can be brought undone by a change in circumstances. That’s why CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA makes… Read More >