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If you are looking for even more choice, the RCI holiday exchange system is the answer. CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Members can exchange their Member Points to holiday for a week in more than 4,500 participating RCI Affiliated Resorts located in over 100 countries.








*Conditions apply. Asian resort locations are China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
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>> Download the RCI Guide for CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Members (PDF 500kb) <<

Holiday Exchange 

• RCI allows CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Members to exchange CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Member Points for a week at any available RCI Affiliated Resort.

• When RCI members deposit their Points with RCI, they are placed into a central availability pool called the RCI exchange pool.

• Your holiday options depend on what is available in the pool, at the time.

• If there is no availability for the location, room size or dates you wish to travel, you can request an ongoing search whereby the system searches 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find a match.

Instant Exchange 

• Instant Exchange allows RCI members booking within 30 days of check-in to pay a flat fee of 3,000 Member Points per exchange week regardless of unit size, seasonality or region.

• Members are not able to place an ongoing search for an Instant Exchange and need to call RCI direct or book online to confirm the reservation.

Holiday Rentals 

• Holiday Rentals are additional, non-exchange accommodation options available just for RCI members at discounted cash rates or converted into a Member Points rate that may exceed the standard RCI exchange chart.


• Exchanges with RCI require an exchange fee.

• CLUB WYNDHAM ASIA Member Points can be banked with RCI for two years.

• There are more than 4,500 resorts in 100 countries.

• Available for weekly stays.

• Bookings are subject to availability.

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RCI Member Services – Asia

Brunei800 065 (enter 2# 2#, dial 6412 2436)
China400 8111 688
Hong Kong800 96 4847
Indonesia001 803 65 7311
Korea007 9865 17123
Malaysia1800 18 1121
Philippines1800 1651 0639
Singapore(65) 6223 4333
Taiwan0080 165 1333
Thailand001 800 65 6060
Vietnam120 65 122
International(65) 6223 4333

RCI Member Services Operating Hours (Singapore):

Monday – Friday9am – 7pm
Saturday9am – 1pm