Experience the natural beauty of all seasons, as well as the rich cultural and historical roots during your next vacation in Japan. Let us introduce the lesser known but must-visit places to enrich your itinerary.



Get ready for a multi-faceted experience in Aichi-ken! Hunt for the mythical Shachihoko, a creature with a tiger’s head and a carp’s body, at the famous Nagoya castle. Explore the largest planetarium in the world- Nagoya City Science Museum and experience the speed of Maglev train in a simulator at the Nagoya Railway Museum. For picture-perfect moments, hop on a ferry to Sakushima Island, which has possibly the most artistic coastline in Japan, featuring contemporary art figures and constructions along the beautiful shore. When night comes by, take in the amazing aerial view of Nagoya City from the Sky Promenade of Midland Square.

Recommended RCI Resort: Mikawawan Resort Linx (SF50/SG50) 



It is easy to fill your day with joy and laughter at Mie-Ken! It features one of the largest amusement parks in Japan – Nagashima. For the daring souls, hop onto the Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster and be treated to a whirlwind ride that runs through the entire park. There are also water parks within the premises and a giant ferris wheel that will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole park. Swing by the integrated mall to have your meals and a quick shopping spree. When the night comes, head over to Nabano No Sato, another theme park nearby that has one of Japan’s finest LED light show to end your day on a high note.

Recommended RCI Resort: Cocopa Resort Club Cottage (SF53/SG53)


This island is the perfect place for a slow-paced holiday that allows you to take the time to walk through nature, culture and history. First stop, head to the Izanagi Shrine, the oldest shrine in the country and if you are lucky, you may even catch the traditional Shinto ceremonies. Next stop, take a history walk at the majestic Sumoto Castle built since 1500s. Nature lovers should not miss the beautiful floral scenery at the Thousand Flower Garden with the Osaka Bay as the backdrop. End your day relaxing in an onsen at Matsuho-no-sata while overseeing the short lightshow of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge that occurs every hour from dusk onwards.

Recommended RCI Resort: Went Awaji Higashikaigan (SF31/SG31) 


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